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LDLTV Produces and streams live Boxing, MMA, Concerts, on site Sports Talk Shows, Press Conferences  and major sporting events live, worldwide. With a Full HD production we can be there in just hours and be on air in just minutes to the entire world.


John Moceyunas

As President and Producer John has over 22 years in the Boxing Industry working for World Famous Promoter Don King and more than 6 years as LDLTV producer of almost 100 Live events.  John's experience, cutting edge technology  and development of streaming systems has made LDLTV the premier online source to stream your event live.



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LDLTV gets the biggest audience s worldwide


what we do

LDLTV Broadcasts Your Big Event Live WorldWide

LDLTV and our professional crew brings your live Boxing, MMA or other special event to life with up to 6 cameras,  Instant replay, a 20 foot power jib plus our own special digital lighting scheme as well as professional sound and an in house Big Screen display and..Our TV Talent is the best in the business !

Special Shows

From Roy Jones Jr. to Sal Cenicola's record breaking fight LDLTV has produced over 100 amateur and professional  boxing broadcasts with more than 1.5 Million viewers in 68 countries around the world. Our Youtube replays also keep your great event alive forever with over 1 million subscribers.



LDLTV Has brought the Billy C Show live to the International Boxing Hall of Fame the International Womens Hall of Fame and many more exciting venue around the USA. LDLTV also does Concerts, Volley Ball,  Live Gospel Conferences, Paranormal investigations and Much, Much More. LDLTV can make your event into the BIG event.

LDLTV Specializes in small market MMA Broadcasts with over 30 events televised including Superfights from South Florida as well as SandPoint Standoff in Idaho and King of the Ring 3 and 5 from Atlanta Georgia. LDLTV does the broadcast Live Worldwide!

Our Team also edits and produces HD video of your program that's ready for Broadcast. Plus on our live events we hand you the biggest audience in the world broadcasting live on Ustream and on Youtube. LDLTV Has been in the business so we know the business. Shoot us an e-mail or call us today and find out how your event becomes the BIG Event!



Our All new LDLTV Studio is up and running right now. If you want to Broadcast your own show from the studio or SKYPE in and have LDLTV produce your show call us today. Your show in studio is broadcast in 1080P High definition with professional production with up to 6 Cameras 2 on air positions and a guest couch for up to three people.


Can't get to the studio? Skype in with a an HD Camera and let us produce your show. We add professional graphics,  special effects plus video inputs. You can join with other SKYPERS to create an in studio look with up to 5 remote guests and unlimited callers. We even have production to produce professional looking video commercials to insert into your broadcast.



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